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Corporate Cleaning

With the environment being on everyone’s list of concerns these days, it’s no wonder green cleaning services have become popular. At Green and Clean by Urban Echo, we have natural cleaning solutions as well as traditional services that can help companies reduce their carbon footprint. From non-aerosol products with natural ingredients, to homemade cleaning solutions using vinegar, distilled water, essential oils and lemon juice, we can help your corporate campus promote a healthy non-toxic environment for it’s employees. These natural alternatives are just as effective at cleaning as are their toxic alternatives. We also offer traditional solutions for cleaning needs.

Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning involves special challenges. When removing drywall dust and sawdust, special measures must be taken to insure that residue is not made. This residue can sometimes be made permanent if not removed properly. There are also special concerns with eliminating dust and debris that has logged itself inside vents and duct system. This debris can emerge later when the furnace and cooling systems are fully functional. Sticker material on windows needs to be specially and carefully removed to eliminate residue that can attract other dirt and cause a permanent film on windows and other glass. An experienced staff specializing in post-construction cleaning is your only option for a positive outcome.

Residential Cleaning

Why trust your children’s or pet’s health to just any cleaning service? Toxins abound in traditional cleaning products. People who have had lifelong careers as professional cleaners have accumulated enough lung damage to equate to a 20 year smoking habit. These toxic aerosols get into the environment and could harm the inhabitants of the very house that the owner is trying to keep clean an toxin-free. By using natural 1-5 ingredient products with no synthetic chemicals, safety concerns can be set aside. White vinegar, lemon juice, and essential oils all combine to make powerful cleaning solutions. Our handmade product line is available upon request. Help keep your family safe with our green alternatives.


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